Solar Energy is FREE
The easiest way to use this electricity is by connecting the solar
panels to a grid tie inverter. However, these solar panels may also be
used to charge batteries or other energy storage device.
Solar Industrial and commercial  
Systems  costs  $7 to  $9.00 per watt
Solar panels and solar power products such as inverters, mounting
racks, solar powered refrigeration and cooling systems, batteries,
solar panel kits, charge controllers, cables, and solar powered
water pumps.
We are Plastic producer and distributor of Virgin
and Compounded material from major suppliers
like SABIC, BAYER, DOW and other major brands.
We Employ ORC ( organic Rankin Cycle ) to  capture the waste heat from any Industrial ,
manufacturing, stationary engines, geothermal, solar  or biomass to produce electricity
free of emissions, a completely closed loop system. 1– Recycle Waste Energy is FREE
2– Recycle Wasted Energy is environment friendly. No emission. 3– It reduces CO2 and
other gases into atmosphere. 4-    Government mandated recycling is more expensive
than putting the garbage into landfills,
Why not Recycle wasted heat.
5-The environmental benefits of recycling, the cost of this entire process is reduced 10 to
15 % more efficient

1- Direct use Geothermal , Heat, Hot water
Cooling, &  Power generation
2– Large Power generation
3– Greenhouse  produce and vegetable Farms.
Providing engineering
resins, masterbatches &
custom formulated color and
additive concentrates as well
as compounds

If you have a large quantity of
biomass (ie MSW) you might like
a 100 ton/day unit which would
yield about 20 MW thermal or
about 4 MW electric. This Could
cost you $20 Million at $5000/kW

Biomass gasifiers are reactors that heat
biomass in a low-oxygen environment to
produce a fuel gas that contains the heat
content of natural gas. The gas produced
from a gasifier can drive highly efficient
devices such as turbines and fuel cells to
generate electricity
We need 300 F for any gas to generate Power.
We need 250 F for any liquid to generate
We can use 165 F for geothermal applications.
Complete Turn Key Machines  with Plug and
Run Support.
Stop paying for  electricity!

Start Producing your  $$$$
30 KW @ $100,000
100 KW @ $300,000
1.3 MW @ $2,500,000
US Green Energy, Inc. 800-509-1616 or 951-258-9864
We buy post Industrial and processed
plastic material including wide spec and
virgin plastic from all customers and
BUY - SELL Plastic
Wholesale Vinyl Fence
We offer great price and installations for
Vinyl fence and decking